Country Property

Save time and money, one call is all you need.
Property, Septic, WETT
No additional fees for garages, sheds etc, it's included.
One call, one report! Because you have enough to worry about
Custom services are available to match your needs
Home & Outbuildings
Buying a home in the country will often included multiple buildings. We beleive thaty should all be looked at. (Some exceptions may apply)
  • Barns
  • Pool Houses
  • Garages & Sheds
    Solid Fuel Burning Appliance
    Solid fuel burning appliance are popular amongst country properties. Your insurance will request an inspection conducted by a WETT certified professional.
    • Wood Stoves
    • Pellet Stoves
    • Fireplaces & Inserts
    • Outdoor boilers
    • Wood furnaces
    Waste Water. Septic and holding tank inspections
    Knowing the type, condition, size and expected useful life of the onsite waste water system is crutial.

    Country Property

    One Call, One Inspector, One Report, One Price

    Compare to using individual inspectors:
    Home Inspection  $375-450
    Septic INspection $350-550
    One wood stove   $175
    One fireplace        $225
    Total                        $1260 Approx

    Over $500 in savings
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