Home Audit

Home Audits are to give you the most information possible with one inspector, while saving money!
Ideal for Older Homes which may have Asbestos, old drainage pipes etc.
Perfect for individuals who suffer from allergies.
Custom services are available to match your needs
Urban & Suburban Living
Buying a home which is old can have plenty of character and appeal, but it can also have lot's of hidden dangers.
  • Asbestos in pre year 2000 homes
  • Aluminum wires / Knob & Tube wires
  • Led Pipes & Paint
  • Air contaminants from near by industries
  • Mold from previous leaks
Country Living
Country living can a bring peaceful and tranquil home with the beauties of nature. I also come with a high list of responsibilities which are not found in the city.
  • Possible well water contamination
  • Aging & failing waste treatment
  • Higher risk of rodent infestation
  • Multiple wood burning appliances
  • Unsafe Structures built with no permits

Home Audit

Complete Warranty Package included with every Home audit
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